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Orit Guttman
Vera Asti Nenza, uninvited guest!
A widow, who comes from a rich and decadent family, is introducing herself to the party. With the goal of finding a husband who saves her from bankruptcy. Being offered a glass she’ll take three. She’s talkative and seems to have friends all over the place. She drinks a lot and falls asleep in the middle of the room until the host presents her to everybody.
Ideal for dinners and parties.
Duration: to be agreed on.
Ester Sata, secretary.
The brand new secretary will attempt without success to satisfy everybody. Even though she’s lovely, enthusiast and hard working she can’t hide the fact that she doesn’t know the business… more and more she’ll feel Stressed out!
Ideal for events, conferences and dinners.
Duration: to be agreed on
City town with fun!, in Ticino
We are following the guide on an ordinary, culture- experience tour in the city of your choice. After a moment dedicated to the “real” tour, the actress hits the scene pretending to be on a guide appreditice. She will try to show off by saying bizarre and strange things. Suddenly an emergency forces the “real” guide to leave, leaving the group with the actress. The situation gets more and more ridiculous, making this tour an unforgettable experience for everybody.
Duration: about 2 hours
Orit Guttman via Arch. Pisoni 5 6612 Ascona Tel: 0041/91 7432795