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Name: Orit Guttman

Address: via arch pisoni 5

6612 Ascona

Phone: 091 743 2795 079/346 5363

Date of birth: 07.09.1967

Nationality: Swiss

Languages: Italian, English, Spanish, Portuguese.

Copyright by Pia Neuenschwander

Artistic Education:

1985-1990: Argentina


Clown, Theatre, Dance, Theatre of Bali, Mask-play, Buffoon.

autodidact in Pantomime

1991- 1994: Switzerland

Theatre School Dimitri

Improvisation, Dance, Rhythm, Acrobatics, Pantomime,

Mask-Play, Theatrical Makeup, Juggling.

1994: Diploma from Dimitri School


1993: Prag

Ctubor Turba , "The actor in relationship to the object"

Pantomime and Theatre

1994-1996: Travelling for studio-work

Japan.(Tokio, Nord of Japan)

Israel (Tel aviv)

Brazil.(Rio de Janeiro, Sao Paulo, Salvador Bahia, Florianopolis)

USA (New York)

1996-1997: Locarno:

Federico Caprara, commedia dell' arte


Alessandro Marchetti , commedia dell’ arte.

1998: London:

Philippe Gaullier School, Clown


Pierre Bylan, Clown


Theatre shows

1987 "Looking for happiness” nominated for the price “Estrella de Mar”Argentina

1988 "Mimando" Argentina, Brazil.

1989-1990 "Mime-Sax", Brasil.

1993 "Variètè-Varietà" Director: Dimitri, Swizzerland.

1993 "The crosier" Director: Dimitri and Florian Reichner, Swizzerland.

1994 "Travelling train" Director: Yoan Martin Montcero, Swizzerland.

1994-1995 "This is theatre" Director: Yoan Martin Montcero, Swizzerland, Germany, Israel.

1994-1995 "Teatrando" Swizzera, France and Japan.

1995-1996 "MimOrit" Swizzerland.

1997 “Margarita and the wandering circus” Israel.

1991-2000 "Playing with the silence" Swizzerland.

2002-2003 “Mime@Music" Swizzerland


1994 " “One story for the mothers day" with children from the primary school, Verscio.

1988-1999 "Mimando", "Mimo Sax", "Teatrando", "MimOrit", "Margarita e il circo ambulante".

1999 "Giorgina" for the Festival of Morge.

2000 "Giorgina the cleaning ladie", Publicity Animation (Coop) Sierre.

2001 "The big illusion" Clown show, Compagnie du rien, Geneva.

2002 “Mime@Music”, pantomime show with Orit Guttman and Willy Claure.

Other professional Activities

1986-2004: Street performance, festivals, entertainment for private parties

In: Argentina, Brazil, USA; Spain, France, Switzerland, Italy, Japan, Israel.


Elsa Lame waitress .Lucy Flash photographer. Vera Asti Nenza uninvited guest.

Ester Sata secretary, and others.

Entertainment for private parties, such as conferences,

gala-evenings, marriages, business-meetings, folk-parties etc.


Teaching activities:

1986-1989 Mime e Pantomime, in Argentina, Brazil and Switzerland.

1999 Workshops with private groups , Luzern,

1995-2002 Summer and Easter School at Dimitri School.

1994-1995 “Movement”, Locarno

“Mime, clown and theatre”, Locarno.

1996 Laboratory: “the Juggler in relationship to the actor", Argentina.

1998 “Dexterity, juggler and movement” syndicate Unite, Lugano.

1999 Laboratory of Clown, for the clown research group, Israel

2001-02 “Body language Theatre” Theatre Il Gatto, Ascona


Cinema and TV:

1987-1989 Special invited as a “mime” in TV shows in Buenos Aires,La Pampa

and Mar del plata, Argentina.

1989-1990 Interview and participations in TV Globo e TV Manchete, Brazil.

2003 Roll in the serie “Abrogati”, produced by the TSI.

2003 Special invited guest in the programe “Storie”, by the TSI.